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Copyburst is operated under ABN: 83493123900. Copyburst produces work for agencies and clients directly and reserves the right to adjust these terms without notice. Copyburst reserve the right at all times to work with, employ or contract additional copywriters.

Copyburst fees are published on our pricing page. These fees, however, are only a guide and Copyburst reserve the right to review and invoice additional fees if the project changes once the project is underway or outside the scope of these fees.

Projects commence upon project payment. Unless otherwise agreed, a 100% project payment is required before work starts. If other terms are met and an invoice remains unpaid for 30 days, Copyburst may engage a debt collection service.

Copyburst retains the copyright, and intellectual property (IP) of all work produced until the final client invoice is paid. Upon final invoice payment, all copyright and intellectual property pass to you, the client.

You, the client, agree to review all supplied Copyburst material or advice before publishing, including plagiarism checking for originality and, but not limited to, checking content, headings, sub-headings and tag-lines for originality. You, the client, accept responsibility for any issues, claims, costs or expenses arising from any Copyburst provided service or work. Copyburst will not be held responsible or accountable for any Copyburst supplied service or content.

Copyburst reserve the right to use any Copyburst supplied work for our portfolio unless otherwise agreed.

If you, the client, contract Copyburst for any project or works that require information that isn’t already in the public domain, you, the client, will provide the necessary contractual agreement or non-disclosure agreement. Copyburst accepts no liability for any issues, claims, costs or expenses if no contractual agreement or non-disclosure agreement is provided.

Copyburst is committed to protecting every client's and partner's privacy. Copyburst, however, may collect and store information in the following ways: - Through Google Analytics

- Client and competitor information during Copyburst research
- Client information through email, phone or website enquiries
- At events or through publicly shared information
- Data through any third-party software tool like HotJar
- Through Google docs or similar cloud storage tools

Copyburst accepts no responsibility or liability for any issues, claims, costs or expenses that arise from third-party software and tools or any employed or contracted copywriter.

Copyburst may use your information for marketing purposes. However, unless required or requested by law, Copyburst will not share or sell your information to third parties without your permission. Copyburst accepts no responsibility or liability for any issues, claims, costs or expenses that arise from employed or contracted copywriters.

If you do not agree with the Copyburst Website Use terms, do not use the Copyburst website. Copyburst reserves the right to modify these Website Use terms at any time.

Copyburst accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy, completeness, opinion, research, data, reliability of the information, data or any information on the Copyburst website.

No information shall be interpreted as advice, and you agree to use the Copyburst website at your own risk. All material on the Copyburst site, including text, photos and graphics shall not be copied, reproduced, downloaded, posted or distributed in any way. Copyburst may also link to other third-party websites that you, the client, agree to access at your own risk. Copyburst is not responsible for any material or links published on the Copyburst website.

Copyburst also reserves the right to request and remove any material submitted or posted in the public domain without notice if Copyburst determines the content to slander the Copyburst brand.